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High Performance Computing


Wherever you operate

On Premises

Running on leased or owned hardware located in your own data centre or a colo facility.


Workload executing in the cloud, be that AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, IBM or anywhere else.


A mixture of the previous two. Whether that’s for run down on your own hardware, burst to cloud or any other reason.

At HMx Labs we’re not opinionated about where you run your HPC workloads. Be that on premises in your own data centres, in the cloud or some combination of the two. We pride ourselves on our independence and ability to work with any cloud provider.

Regardless of where you chose to operate, our products and services will still work for you.

Cloud Migration Advice

Migration Advice

For every cloud adoption strategy

Lift N Shift

An infrastructure level replacement of your own hardware with cloud resources. No further changes to your software or infrastructure. Static capacity and reserved instances on cloud.

Cloud Aware

Minimal changes to the way infrastructure is provisioned to take advantage of the dynamic nature of cloud resources and reduce costs. Compute resource switched on only when needed.

Cloud Optimized

Highly automated and fully optimized dynamic provisioning of cloud resources to minimize expenditure whilst maximising performance. Yet retaining your on prem HPC software.

Cloud Native

Re-engineered HPC systems designed from the ground up to use cloud based technology such as cloud functions, batch and serverless options to run your large scale workload.

Whatever stage of your cloud journey that you’re on, and whatever your end goal is, HMx Labs can help you get there faster and with lower run rates.

Whether you’re migrating your HPC workload to the cloud for the first time, attempting to reduce your cost base or optimizer your performance or move to another cloud, we have the tools and expertise to help you get it done.

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Case Study

Financial Services HPC Cloud Migration

An examination of the migration of HPC workload to cloud at a large systemically important European bank.

Over 30 million CPU hours per month of workload. Over 1000 HPC applications.

On Premises, Hybrid, Single or Multi Cloud

Run Anywhere

Products & Services


Free Introductory Meeting

A 30 minute meeting with one of our HPC experts to explore your requirements, constraints and desires in running your workloads. We will explore your options across a range of products and services both with ourselves and elsewhere.


Evaluation of your HPC System

A comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your HPC capabilities and requirements as they stand today. We will help you identify current limitations, points of excellence and a provide a comparison to the industry as a whole.


The FSI HPC Benchmark

The open source financial risk analytics HPC benchmark. Based on Open Risk Engine and QuantLib.


Cloud VM Benchmark Data

Performance and benchmark data for cloud virtual machines by AWS, Azure and GCP.


Cloud Benchmarking as a Service

The ability to run your own benchmark across the entire cloud as a service. Your representative workload packaged as a self-contained benchmark and executed across any number of clouds, regions and virtual machine types.


Workload Tracking

Visualisation of your HPC workload. However complex, multi tenanted, on prem or cloud based. Critical in the identification of optimisation opportunities, migration projects and long term trend tracking.


Dynamic Cloud Resource Management

Start and stop virtual machines in the cloud to meet demand in real time. Use your existing HPC scheduler in conjunction with ORCHESTREx to scale resource dynamically in your cloud compute estate to minimise costs.


Real Time Cloud Cost Optimisation

Combined with ORCHESTREx, OPTIMEx helps reduce your cloud bills by selecting the most cost effective virtual machine for every workload in real time. Able to take account of pricing fluctuations and exploit variations in performance across regions, OPTIMEx can substantially lower your HPC cloud run rates.